Attack of The Movie 3D Video Game Review

By Eddy

Designed as the first 3D shooter for the Wii Console, Majesco Entertainment’s Attack of the Movie 3D brings you into the very common movie scenarios (alien invasion, Robot uprising , underwater monster, zombie attack), you as the hero of the game must shoot them all.

As most rail shooters go, this is one of the most family friendly (considering the other ones I have seen are horror related and definitely not for kids).  By not being too cute or being too violent the games straddle the line well between being a game for kids and adults. Stocked with four of the blue and red style 3d glasses it allows for everyone to join in on the fun.  Also, there are varying paths in each seen so you may not end up going to same way each time you play the game, which adds to the replay value.

Attack of the Movie 3D does not reinvent the wheel in terms of game play.  All the usual power ups are there including various gun option and the ubiquitous life power ups. Ammo is not unlimited and to reload you have to shoot off screen.  They handle all the hard work in terms of moving you in the right position and let you concentrate on killing the bad guys.

Aiming was a bit iffy with the game with fine tuned actions like headshots were more a matter of luck than anything else.  I still am trying to determine whether this was an issue with my hardware or the game itself.   I am going to venture that this isn’t going to matter too much as you are filling the screen with as many shots as possible.  While the 3D didn’t do much for me, the game play was challenging enough to keep me interested on what was going on.

The visuals of the game aren’t anything to write home about, though they did have a retro feel that reminded me of the various rail style arcade games from the 90s.

While not the centerpiece of my Wii collection, Attack of the Movie 3D is a solid title that will always have some replay value as long as you like shooting things (and who doesn’t like to do that) and have the entire family playing along and as you know the family that fends off a Robot Apocolypse together stay together!

Right now you find the game for both the Wii and Xbox 360 for under $20, which is definitely a good deal.

Disclaimer: I received a review copy of the game. My post is my unbiased opinion on my video gaming experience.

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