Little Pim Fun with Languages Product Review

By Divina

Eddy and I are parents and like all parents we want the best for our child.  We are raising Babyboy to be bilingual in both Spanish and English not only because it’s our culture and we want him to speak to his great grandparents but also we know per all the recent studies it will help him as he grows.  But now, knowing another language is not enough.  Experts are saying Spanish is useful but that the new language to learn is Mandarin.

So I was very excited to get a review of Little Pim Fun With Languages , Mandarin edition which was recently showcased on the Today Show .   Little Pim is a foreign language learning program that focuses on children from birth to five years old.  The program comes in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Arabic, German and Russian.  The videos are perfect for Babyboy’s age group! The videos stress images and repetition to the point that I was learning new words as I watched with Babyboy. 

Created by Julia Pimsleur Levine, daughter of the famous Dr. Paul Pimsleur, the Little Pim format is perfect for young growing minds.  Each DVD is 35 minutes long but each lesson is 6 minutes long so if your child cannot sit through the entire DVD (like mine) you can turn it off after however many lessons. 

The DVD we got a chance to try out was Playtime and had seven lessons on colors, shapes, toys and all fun activities.  They have English subtitles for parents but I don’t think Babyboy really needed them. The whole teaching approach is immersion. Everything is in Mandarin! Babyboy just liked the bright images of kids playing and the repetition of different words.  For the slower learners (like me), a parent’s guide is included with each video to keep the learning going.

I really enjoyed this product and think it’s the perfect gift for a child in your life especially with the holidays just around the corner! 

Check out their selection:


  • Individual Little Pim DVD in any of the ten languages. Disc 1: Eating and Drinking; Disc 2: Wake Up Smiling; Disc 3: Playtime – $17.95 each
  • NEW Little Pim DVD 4, 5 and 6 in French, Spanish or Chinese. Disc 4: In My Home; Disc 5: Happy, Sad and Silly; Disc 6: I Can Count! – $17.95 each
  • NEW Little Pim Word and Phrase Cards in Spanish, French, Chinese, German and Italian, 60 flash cards, introducing basic words and phrases and featuring Little Pim. – $14.95


  • Intro Gift Set I includes a Little Pim DVD in the language of your choice plus the velvety soft plush toy of Little Pim, the panda, a Little Pim onesie in a fun, re-usable tote – $27.95
  • Intro Gift Set II includes a Little Pim DVD in Spanish or French plus the velvety soft plush toy of Little Pim, the panda, a French or Spanish CD in a fun, re-usable tote – $29.95

$50 – $75

  • Little Pim Three-Pak (Vol I or Vol II) is a three-DVD introduction to more than 180 vocabulary words and phrases in your chosen language – $49.95
  • Little Pim Gift Set includes a Little Pim Three-Pak in your chosen language plus the velvety soft plush toy of Little Pim, the panda, in a fun, re-usable tote – $59.95
  • Little Pim Gift Set Plus, in Chinese, Italian or German, includes DVDs 1, 2 and 3 in a slipcase, the velvety plush Little Pim, and Little Pim Word and Phrase Cards in a handy re-useable tote – $74.95

UNDER $100

  • Little Pim Deluxe Gift Set, in Spanish or French, includes the three-disc set, the plush toy, a music CD and flash cards in a fun, re-usable tote – $84.95

Disclaimer: I received a sample DVD for my review but my post is my unbiased opinion on my experience.

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