Assassins Creed Brotherhood Video Game Review

By Eddy

It’s amazing that I have never played the series until the third game.  Actually, when I first bought my Playstation 3, I was torn between the first Assassin’s Creed and Uncharted as my first games to play on the next generation system.  While ultimately chose Uncharted, from what I have learned from everyone else I spoke to during that decision period I would have been in good shape with either game.  The funny thing is I probably took more time trying to decide which game I wanted than making the decision with D to have another baby.  I guess that shows you where my priorities are.

As for Brotherhood, the game creator Ubisoft has really outdone itself.   The game take another leap and bound beyond the first two.

  • First, the environments are much larger, with the ability to travel through Rome as well as Naples, Spain and Monteriggioni. Rome itself is about 3 times larger than Florence in the last game.
  • Second, the fighting mechanics have been vastly improved as well as more varied and deadly. Enzo, the protagonist, can use multiple weapons at the same time, as well as flow more quickly to other enemies after dispatching of one foe.
  • Third, the addition of the use of horses in the game, allows for various opportunities for combat on the horses as well as assassination on the horse as well.
  • Forth, the biggie is the multiplayer. There are five different modes: wanted, alliance, manhunt, advanced wanted and advanced alliance, each with their own maps and objectives. For the most part players are tasked with assassinating each other without letting the other players or crowd know what was happening.
  • Fifth, Instead of controlling one player you are able to organize a group of assassins, training and upgrading them so that they can assist you on the more complex assassinations.

Since I am not very well versed with the rest of the series I will save you the trouble of botching the plot.  I will say that the game is extremely fun.  The game has certainly enough depth for the hardcore fans (over 40 hours plus of missions and assassinations) but is accessible for beginners to start playing.  While I at least recommend that you play Assassins Creed II first, as Brotherhood is a direct sequel of the game, after playing Brotherhood with all its advancements, I am hesitate to regress to playing the older games.  I also have to recommend having patience, this is a large game and requires an equally large commitment in time so that you can truly realize its full potential, so I wouldn’t go and rent this game for a few days and expect have the entire experience. I will also say that I enjoyed the cut scene and the acting was very well done for a video game.  It seems that soon enough people will be playing video games to get their cinematic fix rather than watching movies.  What more can you as for when you are directly in control of the outcome of the action you are watching?

Ultimately, if you have the time on your hand, this is definitely a great game to get.  If you are a fan of the series and played the other two sequels, then you will be blown away on how much this game pushes the envelope and advances the entire experience for the game player.  The ability to play along with your friends and assassinate them doesn’t hurt either.

Disclosure: I received a copy of the game for review purposes but my post is my unbaised gaming experience.

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