2012 Dancing Hotdogs Blogging Goals

By Divina

Quite honestly I am sad to see 2011 go.

The Dancing Hotdogs family had quite a year! We got bigger and greater with the addition of X, we got better with Rock starting preschool, we got more awesome with me quitting my job and starting our latest zany adventure of Stay At Home Mami.

I have some great plans for 2012 and the Dancing Hotdogs.com site.


Did I mention I am a Stay At Home Mami now?  That means I have a stroller and my men and I are ready to take on the world.

Last year we traveled to Florida, California, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., Maryland, Puerto Rico and of course the Tri-State and New England area.  I know we are so lucky!

For 2012 I am setting my sights on more international and exotic travel. We are already a jetsetter family and I love how my little men have experienced more than just our small Connecticut town but I would love to show them my homeland of Paraguay especially since the World Cup is in Brazil this year! Just a stone’s throw away from my home and to be rooting for my team there in all the action would be amazing!

And maybe become a Cruise Expert. Divina Rodriguez Cruise Expert has a nice ring to it too.

Professional Conferences:

Last year was a big year for conferences.  I attended Disney Social Media Moms, Hispanize 2011, BlogHer and Blogalicious 2011.  I love conferences! I meet such amazing people and I learn how to make Dancing Hotdogs.com that more entertaining and rockin.  I spoke at Hispanize as a Mami Blogger panelist and that was an amazing opportunity.  I was nervous but it was fantastic experience that I want to repeat.

For 2012 I want more conferences and speaking engagements! As I mentioned in my earlier post I am ready to take this site to the next level. I have always wanted to attend the Blissdom and Type A Parent Conferences.

Dancing Hotdogs. LLC:

Yup you read correctly, I want to make Dancing Hotdogs a Limited Liability Company in 2012.  It’s only smart business. I started this site with Eddy as a fun hobby and it has grown into something so much more. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You are one of the reasons I want to take this next step.

I am a big believer in sending out positive energy to the universe and know that I will be fruitful WAY BEFORE The Secret ever came out.

You hear me Universe? I know 2012 is going to ROCK!

So what will 2012 hold for you?

Disclosure: I am using this post as an entry to win a conference pass and $250 stipend from Latina Bloggers Connect but these goals are my own.

About Divina Rodriguez

Divina is a wife, a Mami of two boys under the age of eight and a full fledged social media butterfly with a Masters in Communications. She writes along with her husband, Eddy, about entertainment, technology, family products as well as their life in CT. In addition to DancingHotdogs.com, Divina unlocks the magic on http://www.TheDisneyFiles.com and is president of Brillante Media, LLC, a strategic communication and new media consulting firm that helps businesses grow by leveraging the best in digital for return on investments.

  • @pluslily

    You are so amazing!!! Good things are totally going to happen to you! Happy 2012!! and if you ever need a bag lady to help with your travel adventures… you let me know! 😉