Traveling with Kids, Families or Alone Tips

Well friends, today, Rock, X and I are off to South America! We will be in beautiful Paraguay with my family and friends until July 10th. Don’t worry Eddy will be joining us later in the week AND we will continue to post from aboard.

As summer hits a lot of you will be traveling so here are some tips from uber traveler parents Eddy and I.

  • Get all your shots, medication refills and any medical necessities taken care of immediately
  • Do a quick check of your health insurance policy to make you covered if heaven forbid you need medical attention
  • If you have a serious medical condition PLEASE do a little research and find the closest medical facility and what options you have from resort, hotel etc.
  • Leave a copy of your passport and license with loved one at home in case lost or stolen
  • If traveling internationally find out where your embassy is and contact number
  • Contact your bank and credit card about travel plans so do not freeze your account because of unusual activity
  • PLEASE do your homework and check what Visas you require for your travel and how much time it will take to get them (Remember the bureaucracy that you are walking into)
  • If taking a long flight with kids buy all new snacks and stock of up new little toys (Trust me you will thank us)
  • If you do not know the native language of the country you are visiting please get a good dictionary and guide book (Eddy and I LOVE Top 10 travel books)
  • Have fun!

Do you have any travel tips? PLEASE leave me comment! We have 13 hours of one way travel so I could always use tips.

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