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A few weeks back I was invited to a Press preview event with Logitech where I got a chance to Skype with the one and only Dee Wallace or as we all know her as the Elliot’s Mom from the E. T. movie.  She mentioned how she was a new grandmother and that Logitech was helping her “phone home” and stay up to date with her family.

Eddy and I also are avid Skype users because of his monthly business trips and our international family in Paraguay and Puerto Rico.  So I was thrilled when Logitech sent us their latest product a Logitech TV Cam HD ($199.99.)

Check out our video.

Eddy and I already use Logitech webcams and headphones to stay connected but this new Logitech TV Cam HD takes the interaction to another level.

As you can see in the screen you are no longer limited to your personal computer or laptop screen.  If you have a large screen TV you can talk with your loved ones while you sit on the couch!  Talk about cool!

Things I love:

  • Love how the Logitech TV Cam HD has a wide-angle lens so you can get whole family in on call
  • Skype software preloaded and easy to upgrade
  • HD Clarity
  • Four noise-canceling microphones so the sound is amazing
  • Multi-language settings for international loved ones
  • The person you are calling does not need the TV Cam HD to connect
  • Remote control, 6 foot HDMI cable and AC power adapter included with the Logitech TV Cam HD so I do not have to run out to store for anything
  • HDMI/HDTV compatible so very easy to install

For a family like ours who does use Skype to “phone home” with loved ones this Logitech TV Cam HD  is essential but is a bit expensive for those just looking for HD/Skype performing camera especially when there are great Logitech products for about $39.99 obviously sacrificing some of the special features the Logitech TV Cam HD has.  With that said,  I would definitely recommend it to those who want to take their Skype interactions to the next level. 

Eddy is going to the United Kingdom for three weeks later in the month and I LOVE how my little men will be able to talk to their Daddy without fighting over who gets to be in front of the camera.  With the new Logitech TV Cam HD wide angle we will all fit just fine and Eddy will see us with HD clarity and sound.

Disclosure: I received a Logitech TV Cam HD for review purposes but as always my post is my unbiased opinion on the product.

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