(Video) XBOX 360 Kinect Dance Central 3 Review

One of the most popular games in the history of the Kinect is back! Dance Central series has always held a special spot in the Dancing hotdogs household especially on holidays.  It has become a Christmas tradition for the entire family (Divina hosts over 10 people every year) to play Dance Central on Christmas morning.  My mom especially, is super enthusiastic about playing the game, as she like to show off all the moves she has learned to the endless embarrassment of my sister and I.

While the game play is the same as it has always been for the series, the best new addition is the different challenges and modes that create a real air of competition amongst the players.

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Some of these great modes include:

Throwdown Mode:  where two teams up to four people in each square off in a series of performances/dance battles and mini games.

Keep the Beat: Which asks players to freestyle dance to the beat of the song.  Player who stay on beat are able to achieve “In the Zone” status, which can be stolen if the opposing player mimics exactly the moves of the “In the Zone” player.

Make Your Move: Players get the make up their own dance routines on the fly and then have their competition perform the routine.

Party Mode:  This mode is probably what we will be doing on Christmas Day.  The game randomly chooses songs and mini games, increasing or decreasing in difficulty depending on how well the player is performing.

If you think you are good enough the game can be ratcheted up to higher difficulties resulting in more complex routines and moves.   If you are looking to get a fun work out this is the way to do it.  Just like in previous iterations there are a ton of great songs ranging from hits for 2012 to all the way back to the 70s.

Songs include Black Eyed Peas – “Boom Boom Pow”, Flo Rida ft. Sia – “Wild Ones”, Heavy D & The Boyz – “Now That We Found Love”, Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull – “On The Floor”, Justin Bieber – “Boyfriend” and Panjabi MC – “Beware Of The Boys (Mundian To Bach Ke).” One of my favorites was dancing to New Kids on the Block!  Dance Central 3 also allows you to download songs from Xbox to add to the collection of songs as well as download songs from previous versions of Dance Central (for a price).

Dance Central is available everywhere for $49.99, rated T and is only for Xbox 360. 

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Disclosure: We received a review copy of Dance Central 3.  This post represents my unbiased opinion.

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  • toby

    Can you turn off freestyle mode? just bought the game and am frustrated i can dance through a whole song?

    • toby

      oops can i?