For Dads: A WiiU review for Dads


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When you are a dad, time seems to have a habit of flying.  One moment you are waking up at 6 in the morning to go to work,the next you are setting your alarm clock to wake back up at six.  In those blessed few moments before I go to sleep I wonder where my day went. I can remember the times where there seemed too many hours in the day, and almost all of it was taken doing stuff I wanted to do.  Not to say that I regret the things that I am doing now; being a husband and dad, but those responsibility roles seem to sap up all the time I have.  While I don’t normally speak for D, I am pretty sure that she agrees with me.

Now you may be wondering how this applies to Nintendo’s latest video game system.   Then let me explain; the key is being able to fit in those “me” moments with the “we” moments.  For those of you that like to play video games the WiiU is the first console to allow you to be able to do that.  Not only can you play the traditional way with a console, on a TV screen, but in many cases you can transfer that experience to the handheld screen without suffering any performance or quality issue.  What this means  is that your family can watch TV or can sleep without having Dad playing his games.   Don’t fret hardcore gamers, the WiiU has the graphics and now (hopefully) the third party titles that will have you playing much more.  Not to mention the library of classic family and “Nintendo” games such as Mario and Zelda.

Currently, I am playing Batman Arkham city: Armored Edition which is exactly like the PS3 and Xbox versions but I have been able to stop playing on the TV and immediately switch to the small screen on the controller and still have the same experience.  Obviously the resolution of my big TV and the remotes are vastly different, but honestly you don’t really notice as you play along.   My only gripe is that you have to be within a certain distance of the WiiU to play the game, meaning I can’t meander to my room or any other part of the house.  Again let me reiterate, this is NOT a handheld gaming system, like the PS Vita or Nintendo 3DS.  You get all the power of a current Gen/Next Gen machine just transposed to a smaller screen.

This is not to mention the other cool things you can do with the WiiU controller such as game activities and such, but I will let other sites talk about that.  For me, the WiiU is the most Dad ready console out in the market.  It has everything a gamer Dad can want and as long as the games are great, the future for the WiiU will be bright.

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