Skylanders SWAP force coming Fall 2013

Skylanders SWAP Force Toy Fair Event

Activision Publishing, Inc. CEO Eric Hirshberg sharing the big news. Image courtesy of Skylanders

Last week, I got the opportunity to check out the premier of the newest edition of the hit video game series: Skylander SWAP force.  Held at the NASDAQ center in New York City, the event was part of Activision’s and Toys R US’s effort to celebrate the success of the Skylander brand and the premier of the SWAP force line of toys and game.   As a part of this event, the NYC  Toys R Us store was giving away a new Skylander’s Giants character: Ninjini.

The biggest new feature for the game is the ability to customize the unique powers of the SWAP force figures.

Check out the official trailer.

This “swap-ability” is accomplished through the ability to split the characters in two, allowing the player to switch the halves between various characters.  With 16 different characters, there are over 250 different combinations possible.  When the new combo is placed on the portal new character is instantly recognized and given a new name.

At the event the CEO’s of both Activision and Toys R Us introduced the audience to the Skylander SWAP force new characters and gameplay.  The game had a number of new innovations from the last edition of Skylanders:

  •          Greater graphical details in the background, wshich adds to the whimsy of the game.
  •          The ability for each character to jump (something that has been requested from all gamers).
  •          New gameplay modes which require the player to take advantage of the SWAP abilities of the characters.

Also featured during the premier was an opportunity to try out the great game play of the new game.  The audience was first treated to a clip of some of the cinematic of the game followed by a demo narrated by two of the game creators.   Afterwards, we also had the opportunity to play a portion of the game.  From the little that I got to play, it seems like the newest version of the Skylander’s game will be just as popular as the other iterations.

Skylanders franchise has sold more than 100 million toys to date and generated more than $1 billion in retail sales worldwide, inclusive of toys and accessories.


Impressive and looking forward to the Fall.

Disclosure: I attended this Skylanders sponsored event but was not forced to write this post. Just wanted to share the gaming news.

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