(Video) Free the Children Event in NYC #Weday

I recently attended a New York City event where I learned about the most amazing organization, Free The Children, an organization co-founded by two brothers, Craig and Marc Kielburger.

Free The Children, what began as a group of kids dreaming about changing the world now has more than 1.7 million young people involved in its programs.  In North America, Free The Children provides comprehensive service learning programs, including its We Day celebrations attended annually by more than 100,000 students from 3,000 participating schools who earn their entry through service activities. Internationally, the organization works in eight developing countries providing a holistic and sustainable development model, including education, health care, food security, clean water, and alternative income programs.

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I could not believe the support and good Free The Children is doing every day.

Take a look at the event video recap with Mia Farrow introducing Craig to the group.

Yes, you saw correctly, Free the Children programs include the construction of more than 650 schools and school rooms in developing countries. Its health and clean water initiatives have empowered more than one million beneficiaries and they are using powerful friends to use their influence to do more good across the world.

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Image courtesy of Free the Children

Want to get involved? Check out www.freethechildren.com to learn more about WE DAY AND WE ACT An initiative of Free The Children.  Me to We.

Me to We provides people with better choices for a better world, including socially conscious and environmentally friendly clothes and accessories, as well as life-changing international volunteer trips, leadership training programs and materials, a speakers bureau and books that address issues of positive social change. In addition, half of Me to We’s net profit is donated to Free The Children, while the other half is reinvested to grow the enterprise and its social mission.

Connect with the We Day movement today: #weday, @freethechildren @craigkielburger, www.weday.com or www.facebook.com/weday.

Disclosure: I attended this Free the Children sponsored event but was not required to post just wanted to post on an amazing organization.

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  • http://twitter.com/MsLatina Migdalia

    What an amazing concept! I love that Free The Children is providing children with hope. The health and clean water initiatives, as well as the schools they’ve established are giving the community hope, for their children and their future. Beautiful. Thank you Divina for sharing.

    • Dancinghotdogs

      Migdalia I was so impressed by the organization and love the message behind the founders, volunteers and even brands and celebrities who have gotten involved to improve children’s lives.


    A great organization!! Thank you for sharing!

    • Dancinghotdogs

      It was an amazing organization and could not believe brothers were teenagers when founded everything.
      Divina Rodriguez

  • yvonne condes

    Thank you for sharing this! I will, too!

    • Dancinghotdogs

      Glad you found it interesting Yvonne!

      Divina Rodriguez