(Video) Tiggly Shapes Multi-language App Product Review


  Image courtesy of Tiggly Shapes Disclosure: I received Tiggly Shapes to facilitate my review. As always, my post is my unbiased opinions. Raising boys in this high technology modern world can be very difficult. My men LOVE technology in all forms whether it is the TV, game consoles, iPad or smart phones so as a mom I have to limit how much screen time they have every day. I am a big believer that technology is a fantastic way for kids to learn and grow through interactive play. Quality technology resources that is. Check out my video of Tiggly Shapes a new product in educational entertainment. Tiggly Shapes are rubberized toys that children between 18 months and 4 years old can use for learning and play with an iPad. The shapes have a soft plastic cover and silicone touch points that are recognized by our iPad apps.  They are durable enough for toddler play—yet gentle enough for iPad screens. Image courtesy of Tiggly Shapes X really enjoyed the … [Read more...]

(Video) Learn with Homer App Review


Image courtesy of Learn with Homer Disclosure: I was provided with an app sample to facilitate my review. As always my post is my unbiased opinions. We have less than three weeks before my oldest goes to Kindergarten! We have been fighting the summer slump and brain drain all summer but there is only so much learning repetition my little man will do. We have done hours of flash cards, work books and even educational apps but his growing little mind needs more. Thankfully I was contacted to try out the latest app for preschoolers that not only feeds natural curiosity but helps your loved ones learn how to read! Learn with Homer app is a complete, comprehensive literacy program for children aged three to six. Created by well-known education reformer Stephanie Dua, the app is based on the best teaching practices and aligned with the tough new standards of the Common Core. “I know there’s a lot of great research on how to teach children to read,” said Dua. “But when my … [Read more...]


After Christmas App Frenzy Graphic

We’ve joined KinderTown, a fantastic resource for finding the best educational apps for kids, to host a new annual event we’re calling the After Christmas App Frenzy. The days after Christmas are the biggest days of the year for app downloads as the millions of people who unwrapped new iPads and iPhones rush to the App Store to load their devices with useful and entertaining apps. Hopefully you are one of those lucky people who unwrapped a shiny new tablet and want to get your hands on hot little apps. Every parent now has to make the decision of how much technology and screen time your beloved little ones can have. Eddy and I are big proponents of using technology as an educational resource, (within reason and of course using moderation.) But with so many apps in the App Store, it’s hard to figure out which are truly educational and worth the money.  Yes, I know most apps range from $.99 to $6.99 but it starts to add and if the app has no replay value it gets … [Read more...]

(Video) PBS KIDS SUPER WHY! ABC Adventures App Review

super why abc app

  This past summer PBS KIDS had SUPER WHY! Around the World Adventure special that took your little loved ones on an adventure around the world and got them excited about travel and learning.  The PBS KIDS SUPER WHY! ABC Adventures: Alphabet app takes that one step further by giving you fantastic educational content that helps your children learn and improve their alphabet skills with interactive games and videos. WE LOVE SUPER WHY! At our house.  Rock and X love the adventures of Whytt and his friends and how they “look in a book to solve their problem” so this app is perfect for my little men. Check out the video of Rock and I having some educational fun on the iPad. As your kids play the five mini-games: Alpha Pig’s Lickety Letter Safari!, Super Why’s Z Marks the Spot!, Wonder Red’s Let’s Letter Fly!, Princess Presto’s Under the Sea Sounds! And Woofster’s Golden Letter Bones! They will be practicing their upper and lowercase letters, sounds and building a fantastic … [Read more...]

(Video) Sesame Street’s The Great Cookie Thief App Review


Image courtesy of Sesame Workshop The master minds of Callaway Digital Arts and Sesame Street, who brought you one of Rock and X’s absolutely favorite apps The Monster at the End of This Book, have partnered together again to bring to life the 1977 best-selling book The Great Cookie Thief with The Great Cookie Thief App. We were so excited to try out this new app because we love Cookie Monster. Check out the video. We love: The great story with interactive play to improve motor skills Two alternative endings More than 100 touch animations from book’s original art Make your own wanted poster with fun outlaw names like “Stink Eye” More than 20 parent tips to help children practice memory skills, build vocabulary and inspire imagination Rock and X love the colorful and fun story of the Old West town plagued by a mystery bandit who steals cookies from local bakeries.  I love how the youngest kid in town is the only one who realizes that the new blue guy in … [Read more...]

(Video) Sesame Street’s Potty Time with Elmo App Review


  As I have mentioned before Sesame Workshop truly gets the digital world and instead of fighting virtual entertainment they get on board and make some incredible educational apps that bring some of their favorite Sesame Street books to life like The Potty Time with Elmo App. When Rock was getting potty trained we got the book Potty Time with Elmo to help him understand the concept of the potty with his buddies Elmo and Baby David.  I think it really helped him just because Elmo was his everything.  The Sesame Street App uses the same great educational story to help parents with potty training but also keeps toddler and preschooler loved ones entertained with games and songs. Check out the video. Isn’t it the cutest! We love how: There are three story modes so your little loved one can read with or without you Interactive game where throughout story you are looking for fun objects Five original songs Interactive puzzles  Parent tips from the educational … [Read more...]

(Video) Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. Draw and Play App Live Review


 I just cannot say enough how I love how our favorite shows and characters are getting on board the educational app band wagon! Another app that saved me on the 14 hour trip to Paraguay was Nickelodeon’s Nick Jr. Draw and Play App Live. Check out the video of Rock and I having some educational fun on the iPad. What makes the Nick Jr. Draw and Play app special? Your preschool loved one can draw, paint and color with their favorite Nick Jr. characters but goes beyond just printables Lots of coloring pages with Dora and Diego, Bubble Guppies, Team Umizoomi and the Backyardigans The word is customization! They have 8 different paint brushes to make your art totally your own without the mess Animated stickers that let you add fireworks, splash paint marks and or unique features to make your art come alive Animated Tutorials for lots of “self play” fun E-cards Parent Controls But what I especially love it that it allows Rock and X to get in touch with their … [Read more...]

(Video) Disney’s The Jungle Book App Review

Jungle Book Disney Classics App

  Fourteen hours of travel to South America is rough for anyone let alone a four year old and a one year old.  I was so happy to have Disney Publishing's newest Disney Classics app – “The Jungle Book”!  I love the 1967 Disney animated film.  I sing “Bare Necessities” song all the time and I love how Disney publishing brought to life this film with a great new app. Check out Rock having fun with the app and me singing ; ) The Jungle Book” app, available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, tells the story of a boy named Mowgli and his jungle friends as they face the dangerous tiger Shere Khan and the unknown world of the humans. I love how the app lets you sing and even record your own rendition of this classic song.  The animation is beautiful, the story telling is perfect for Rock and I love all the little engaging abd interactive games they have like puzzles and coloring pages. Geared towards kids ages 3-7, “The Jungle Book” is available for $3.99 on the App … [Read more...]

Appgear Foam Fighters App review

  Augmented Reality is the new hit among portable games. With the technology available on Iphone/Ipads and Android phones/tablets it is great to see games take advantage of the unique experience these devices provide.  Yet with any new tech for games, it is only as good as the game itself.  I had the opportunity to try one of these new generation of AR games: Appgear’s Foam Fighter. Basically bringing the Air Combat simulation to the next level, Foam Fighter combines Augmented Reality with the physical world.  Players can download the game and start playing immediately (demo only unfortunately), or they can pick up the foam fighters, aptly named as they are miniature airplanes made of foam.  When attached to your phone or tablet by a small arm with a suction cup, the game will scan the plane opening up new campaigns specific to the plane.  I had the chance to try out the Battle of Britain.  Missions were pretty varied from destroying select buildings as targets or full out aerial … [Read more...]

(Video) Marvel Reads: Spiderman: An Origin Story App Review

spiderman app

A new Spiderman movie is set to come out this summer with a different spin on the entire story.  What better way to prepare for the debut than to brush up on the original story from Marvel.  Of course, if you are an adult it isn’t that difficult to pick up or download a version of the original comic. For children it is a bit harder relating to a story created back in the early 60s.  Thankfully, Marvel has brought the story to a generation through Spiderman: An Origin Story App.  Formatted in the same way as the Avenger Assemble! and Hulk app, iPhone/iPad users are treated to an interactive story told by Stan Lee on one of his most famous characters. Designed for all ages (not just kids) the story is brought to life with interactive games and puzzles.  Check out Rock and I having some webslinging fun: Available in French, Italian, German, Spanish and Danish, the app can be found here on iTunes for $3.99 which to me is definitely worth it considering the repeated use that it will … [Read more...]