(Video) Chizi’s Tale Book Review

Disclosure: I received a copy of Chizi’s Tale.  This post represents my unbiased opinion and experiences. I was recently invited to a New York City media event for the book launch of Chizi’s Tale but was unable to attend so when they sent me a copy of the book I was amazed by the true story of an orphaned black rhino. Watch the amazing story of Chizi through the words of 18 year old author, … [Read more...]

Homeland and Philosophy

Homeland has become a major hit and phenomenon spawning a ton of copycat shows throughout the world. The reason for its popularity is due to some of the questions that it asks: Are we free or brainwashed? Are drone attacks terrorism? Can violence really be religious? How do we know who we really are? Many of these questions are universal no matter what country you live in or what you … [Read more...]

El Chavo Books and The Scholastic Store in-Store Celebration

Disclosure: Scholastic sent us El Chavo books for review purposes and is sponsoring this giveaway.  This post represents my own opinion and experiences with the products. I grew up on the original live action series, El Chavo del Ocho and really like how it still replays on Spanish channels but I LOVE how El Chavo has been recreated in an animated series, toys AND bilingual books for a whole … [Read more...]

The Wavering Werewolf Book Review

Disclaimer: We recieved a review copy from Tor Books. Ages 9-13 was really when I became a voracious reader, I attribute it to the huge selection of books that were beginning to be marketed to the pre teen market.  I loved read scary stories, there was just something about them that really drew me. I can still remember reading through the famous Goosebumps series.  While they weren’t works of … [Read more...]

Dancing Hotdogs Book Club: Requiem by Ken Scholes

The fantasy genre seems to have hit a sort of plateau, most of the great series are winding up or in a holding pattern (I am talking to you A Song of Ice and Fire) and it has been a bit of a struggle to find something fresh and exciting. Most fantasy or Sci-Fi books tend to repeat the similar themes over and over and over again.   It's almost started to mirror Hollywood, as the same story or … [Read more...]

Dancing Hotdogs Book Club: Sea Change by S.M. Wheeler

Disclosure: We received a copy of Sea Change for review purposes.  This post represents my unbiased opinion. If Oprah can have one why can we?  Dancing Hotdogs has done a number of book reviews in the past, but Sea Change is the first that really merited the Book Club moniker.  After finishing the book on the train the first word that came to my mind was "bittersweet".  The inside cover the … [Read more...]

(Video) Captain McFinn and Friends Book Reviews

As a parent we worry about so many things. Are our children getting enough to eat? Good education and all the resources they need.  Are we teaching them the right things and now with all the national news: bullying. I know I worry that my little men may grow up to be bullies or victims of bullying so when I was contacted by Captain McFinn a series of children’s books and its S.H.A.R. K. patrol … [Read more...]

(Video) Ruckus Reader Review

I see the benefit of using technology as an educational tool and Ruckus Reader, a breakthrough learning program for the iPad featuring digital storybooks that provides parents with personalized feedback on their child’s reading experience, is a perfect example of using technology to teach your children new things.  (Of course, everything with moderation!) The Ruckus Reader turns your iPad into … [Read more...]

The Incredible Hulk: An Origin Story Book Review

By Eddy In the past comic books have introduced the likes of Spiderman, Captain America and the Hulk to younger generation, unfortunately, comics have been in a steep decline.  In order to keep this tradition alive Disney Press and Marvel have created a series of books that introduce the origins of each of their more famous superheroes.  These heroes include Spiderman, the X-men, Captain … [Read more...]

Dragons of Babel Book Review

By Eddy I have read enough Fantasy novels lately to start getting sick of them.  I know all the hardcore nerds ( I can say this, I am one of them) are gasping with shock, but I had enough of underdog kid/small person going on long and perilous journey to save the world from Evil incarnate.  Whenever this happens I tend to drift into other genres such as action/thriller or horror books, but … [Read more...]

The Alloy of Law Book Review

By Eddy For people just getting into fantasy books, it is pretty daunting choosing what books to read. If you go online, and search for top fantasy books you are inundated with hundreds of titles and series.   Of course, there are the old standards such as Tolkien and Jordan etcetera and frankly these are the best for a reason.  Yet, the real problem is finding the next great Fantasy writer. … [Read more...]

The Complete Vader Book Review

By Eddy Most adults now seem to take two paths when it comes to Star Wars.  The first enjoy it when they are younger but eventually lose interest and remain passive regarding the series, enjoying it for its nostalgia but not really going any deeper than the movies.  The other path goes way deeper than the movies and I will leave it at that.  The thing is there really aren’t products out there … [Read more...]

Little Pim: Color Baby Book Review and 25% Pim discount code

By Divina You all know how much we love the Little Pim language series so when we were contacted by them again to review their latest multi-language activity: a baby book we were all about it. Check out the video for my thoughts and some playtime with Baby X. Overall we were big fans of the book that retails for $8.95 AND they are offering 25% code for all future Little Pim … [Read more...]

Dead Man’s Boots Book Review

By Eddy Book back covers are like trailers to me.  I love taking a look at them even if I don't plan to read the book.   The reason I love them so much is that I can't fathom how hard it is to fit a synopsis of a novel compelling enough to attach a new reader without giving away too much of the book at the same time.  In essence, it is a telemarketer cold call, and just like those calls … [Read more...]

Star War-Fate of the Jedi: Outcast Book Review

By Eddy I never got into Star Wars books.  From my perspective they were basically fan fiction.  Just some writers fancy of what the rest of the story would be after the movies, but low in behold, I find that there is an entire universe of books, comics and other lore making up an entire universe.  Of course, everything is tightly monitored and organized by George Lucas (or at least his company … [Read more...]