Quick Hit Summer Movie Reviews

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The summer hasn’t even finished and we have already have had some hits and misses in the theaters, but I couldn’t let the summer fly by without mentioning some of the fun summer flicks that I was fortunate to watch so far: 22 Jump Street: To think that 22 Jump Street was made by the same directors as the Lego Movie. While they kept the same meta (wink, wink!) movie feel that the Lego Movie had, you would definitely not bring your child to see this one. With that said, the price of a baby sister is well worth it to watch Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill basically do the same exact movie as before only set in college (not that it is a bad thing), the movie goes out of its way to point this fact out to you as much as possible while also keeping things fresh and funny. It really comes down to Tatum’s and Hill’s chemistry which holds the movie together and provides some of the funniest parts of the movie. Without them all the clever jokes and winks would have just fallen flat. Honestly, the … [Read more...]

Celebrate Soccer and Fútbol with Oreo #PassTheLove

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This is part of a sponsored campaign with Being Latino and Mondelez.  However, all opinions expressed are my own. I love how soccer or fútbol is getting international attention this Summer 2014. Soccer runs deep in our family.   I grew up on fútbol, mi papa is the president of our local intermural soccer league and it brings me such joy to see Rock now learning the game. Learning how to pass the ball, stop a goal and most importantly seeing the love of the game that has brought billions together grow with my son. Yes, driving Rock to and from weekly practices and weekend games can get tedious but the love of the game keeps me going. Check out the Dancing Hotdogs family at the opening day of the soccer league. There is something so wonderful about soccer!   All you need is a ball, a little space and some passion for the game to have fun.  We went that Sunday ready to root on our favorite team! I especially love when everyone puts aside past differences and cheers on … [Read more...]

(Video) Super Mega Saban Brand May Toys


  Image courtesy of Saban Brand Disclosure: D is a Saban Brands Mombassador, as always, my posts are based on my opinions and experiences. It’s starting to get warmer outside and that means that it is soon to be Rock’s birthday.  We got a head start to that momentous anniversary and received an awesome Super Megaforce Power Ranger Package. In our May package we got to try out the Super Megaforce Red Ranger Air Glider and the Ultimate Legendary Megazord. Both toys were immediately very well received. The Air Glider comes with a little Red Ranger that hangs on the glider.  All you have to do is just let it go and watch the ranger fly.  While it is recommended for ages 5 plus, even X at 3 years old was having a ton of fun with it. Yet, it was the Ultimate Legendary Megazord which really got everyone’s attention.  While it took a little while to put together it was pretty magnificent when fully built.  The boys loved staging battles between the Megazord and the rest … [Read more...]

(Video) USA Swimming is the #funnestsport

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Disclosure: We have partnered with USA Swimming to get the word out about swimming as a sport in the "Swimming is the Funnest Sport" campaign. As always, my posts are based on my opinions and experiences. Swimming doesn’t get the credit it deserves. Even with stars like Michael Phelps bringing the spotlight to the sport during the Olympics, swimming still doesn't get any consideration by kids or parents when choosing a competitive sport. Think of it like this, when you were deciding what sport to play when you were younger what were you choices? Basketball, baseball or soccer? Consider this: 80% of parents do not consider swimming as a sport once their kids learn how to swim Had USA swimming not contacted us about getting the word out about “Swimming is the Funnest Sport” Campaign D and I would have continued to be a part of that 80%. The thing is that it is easy to miss out on some of the great benefits of  swimming as a sport: There are hardly any injuries in … [Read more...]

80s and 90s Nostalgia for Netflix #Streamteam #Netflixkids

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Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix Stream Team.  As always, my posts are based on my opinions and experiences. Why wait for the movie when you can’t watch the source material. It looks like the 80s and 90s T.V. shows and cartoons of my youth are all becoming movies for better or worse. With that said, why wait for some overpriced director to butcher your childhood (you can obviously tell that I have been burned before with high hopes and low results). I would much rather just watch my favorite shows of yesteryear. Some of my favorite shows such as G.I. Joe and Transformers are just waiting in all their retro glory on Netflix. What I would have really loved is if they also included all the old school commercials they would run along with the show on Saturday morning. I would almost be able to completely immerse myself in nostalgia. But I would not stop in the 80’s, sign me up for every season of Saved by the Bell and more. These shows and more are just waiting to be … [Read more...]

#Netflixkids Dancing Hotdogs Style

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    Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix Stream Team.  As always, my posts are based on my opinions and experiences. Hopefully spring will soon come.  Up in the Northeast it has been one cold spell after the other.  The good thing about being stuck inside is getting to watch a lot of Netflix.  We have become experts of the Netflix Kids section. We have decided to give you our favorite TV shows and movies for kids on Netflix. TV Shows: Phineas and Ferb: This is an intelligent and creative series for both kids and parents.  Emphasizes getting outside and actually doing something in the summer and teaches parent to give kids time to be bored and create their own entertainment. Star Wars Clone Wars: A new addition to our list.  No real educational value other than learning about Star Wars…which when I think about it is just as important! Super Why: A favorite of both boys, and emphasizes reading. All the Marvel and DC shows.  You honestly can take … [Read more...]

Watching Sports with #NetflixKids

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  Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix Stream Team.  As always, my posts are based on my opinions and experiences. Sports figures to be pretty big in our house hold, especially with super active boys.  The thing is at this age it is hard to tell what the boys will be into, that is why is especially important to expose them to as many different sports as possible.  Unfortunately, it is difficult for them to try out everything that is why chances to watch the Olympics is perfect.   It shows the boys that there are other sports other than Basketball, Football, Soccer and Baseball. We at the Dancing Hotdogs family love sports movies.  Some of our favorites include Remember the Titan or Rudy.  If you are looking for some sports fun with the family or just want to expose your family to something different here are a couple of sports related movie for kids in Netflix: 1. The Short Game 2. The Kid 3. The Pistol 4. A Mile in His Shoes 5. Winning Favor 6. The Mighty … [Read more...]

Toy Fair 2014 Round Up #TFNY #TF14

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  Starting this past Sunday, New York City was taken over by toys.  I know it seems like Christmas and the holiday craze has only just passed, but with a new year come a whole new set of great toys for kids of all ages.  D and I love to check out the up and coming toys when we are at Toy Fair, it is the perfect place to see the under the radar toy companies as well as the best place to discover the next best thing before it hits the shelves later on in the year. Here are a couple of our favorite things from Toy Fair so far: Slapstache- As a proud child of the late 80s and early 90s, I have no problem admitting that I had quite a few slap bracelets (Don’t let the urban legends scare you, they were pretty darn cool).  In this day and age, the moustache has made an astronomic rise in popularity, so what is better than a Slap bracelet and a moustache put together? Nothing.  It doesn’t hurt that purchases of the Slapstache also go to charity.  Lootcrate.- Who … [Read more...]

Under the Weather Watching #NetflixKids

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  Disclosure: I am part of the Netflix Stream Team.  As always, my posts are based on my opinions and experiences. I have to say we have pretty lucky lately (knock on wood) we haven’t had a major sickness hit the family yet.  Of course like most families during the winter, one or all of us is getting over something, but at the moment no major stomach viruses or flus have knocked us out.  With that said, we have had a couple of sick days, and we have taken full advantage of being little couch potatoes during that time. Our favorite past time during our sick days, is cuddling up under our huge blanket and watching some TV, I cant tell you how many shows and movies I have caught up during those days, it a perfect time to binge watch without feeling guilty.  With the boys we obviously stick to the Kids only section in Netflix.  One of favorite things to do is pick out one of the recommended items and watch them.  It is a great way to find something new, if we don’t like … [Read more...]

Despicable Me 2 Review and Sweepstakes #DM2DVD #DespicableMeDos


Update! This giveaway is closed congrats to John. Disclosure: Despicable Me 2 is sponsoring this giveaway and provided me with a DVD to review. As always our post is our unbiased opinions. The Gru crew is back again, to the delight of all children.  Especially those obsessed with the ever popular minions. I didn't realize how popular the first film (which we liked) was until I looked at my sons room and found a couple of minions as well as other Despicable Me 2 characters.  I have even read to both boys the kittens story featured in the first film a number of times. The second film picks up where the last one left off: Gru, his adorable girls, and the mischievous Minions are back with a cast of unforgettable new characters in the blockbuster sequel to the worldwide phenomenon.  Just as Gru has given up being super-bad to be a super-dad, the Anti-Villain League recruits him to track down a new criminal mastermind and save the world.   Partnered with secret agent Lucy Wilde, … [Read more...]