The Complete Vader Book Review

The Complete Vader_cover

By Eddy Most adults now seem to take two paths when it comes to Star Wars.  The first enjoy it when they are younger but eventually lose interest and remain passive regarding the series, enjoying it for its nostalgia but not really going any deeper than the movies.  The other path goes way deeper than the movies and I will leave it at that.  The thing is there really aren’t products out there that seem to straddle in between the two paths. It become even more difficult for adults, it seems most Star Wars products are geared toward children and teens or for hardcore fans. The Complete Vader by Ryder Windham and Peter Vilhmur, appears to have successfully bridged many of those obstacles I just described. The coffee table size books, appeals to the hardcore Star Wars fan while providing enough interesting bits and pieces even to let a novice fan or even just some who enjoys pop culture follow along easily. The book mines the depth of the creation of Darth Vader both in Fiction but … [Read more...]