(Video) Lifeproof Nuud iPad Air Review (Updated)

Courtesy of Lifeproof.com

Disclosure: We recieved a Lifeproof Nuud for the iPad Air for review purposes.  This post represents my unbiased opinion. UPDATE (7/21/14)-We recieved the Cover + Stand and Hand Strap + Sholder Strap after our intial review.  Each one is sold seperately and retail for $40.  See below for more of our thoughts on these accessories. Life is too short to worry about breaking your iPad or tablet, but that is what I find myself thinking about as I purchased the latest iPad Air. When you drop nearly $1000 on a single “toy” you want to make sure that you don’t break it in the first month. All the insurance policies in the world won’t stop you from that unlucky drop on the floor which shatters the screen. I am sure that many of you iPhone owners know the feeling. In the case of an iPhone even if the screen is broken, you can still make phone calls (though who uses an i “phone” to make call anyways) but do that to a tablet or iPad and you basically lose the exact reason why you bought … [Read more...]

For Dads: Kindle Fire from Radio Shack Review Part 2

Amazon Kindle Fire

Image courtesy of Amazon.com For the second part of my review on the Kindle Fire I received from Radio Shack, I will focus on the Fire’s Performance as a Tablet. Screen Resolution Since I am a Amazon Prime Member I get free access to many of the streaming shows and movies on Amazon.  To test out the Fire, I headed over to the site and fired up an episode of Arrested Development.   Once it loaded the show looked great, there were no hiccups in terms of service and the quality looked near HD.  The great thing about having such a small screen is that HD doesn't really factor into the equation.  At such a small screen 1080p, 720p or slightly below do not register as easily as it does on a big screen TV. Screen Touch I have already talked about the sensitivity of the screen in the previous post.  The screen reacted pretty well, though I did experience times where I felt like I had to press a bit harder to get a response.  Unfortunately, the Fire fall a bit short of the iPad … [Read more...]

Appgear Foam Fighters App review

  Augmented Reality is the new hit among portable games. With the technology available on Iphone/Ipads and Android phones/tablets it is great to see games take advantage of the unique experience these devices provide.  Yet with any new tech for games, it is only as good as the game itself.  I had the opportunity to try one of these new generation of AR games: Appgear’s Foam Fighter. Basically bringing the Air Combat simulation to the next level, Foam Fighter combines Augmented Reality with the physical world.  Players can download the game and start playing immediately (demo only unfortunately), or they can pick up the foam fighters, aptly named as they are miniature airplanes made of foam.  When attached to your phone or tablet by a small arm with a suction cup, the game will scan the plane opening up new campaigns specific to the plane.  I had the chance to try out the Battle of Britain.  Missions were pretty varied from destroying select buildings as targets or full out aerial … [Read more...]

Disney’s Peter Pan App Review

Lately the exploits of high flying superheroes such as Thor and Iron, spiderman and the Hulk seems to be everywhere we look. It is no surprise that many kids want to be just like these heroes when they grow up. Yet, lost amongst the high testosterone and flashy action is the exploits of one hero that was no longer grabbing children’s imaginations. Thankfully to the popularity of shows like Jake and The Never Land Pirates and this App, Peter Pan is returning to the public spotlight. Not many children would argue joining the lost boys and fighting against the evil Captain Hook alongside Peter Pan. Now Children can realize the magic of Peter’s and Tinkerbell’s story through the iPad. Illustrated to resemble a book from an older era, after watching the story unfold I realized that Peter Pan, like he always wanted remains timeless. Sprinkled throughout out the story are various animations and mini games that serve to add to the magic rather than take away from it. Check out the family … [Read more...]

(Video) D.W.’s Unicorn Adventure App Review

D.W. Unicorn adventure app

Healthy eating is essential, and contrary to television kids do like to eat vegetables.  Rock for one, is a huge fan of vegetables.  Honestly, he loves them so much I could imagine him becoming a vegetarian when he gets older.  Coming from a family of meat eaters the concept is just crazy.  Even if your little one(s) are not as avid vegetable eaters as Rock, it still never hurts to start building healthy eating habits early.  The key  is  making it fun! One way to do this is by incorporating games which focus on helping kids recognize healthy foods.  We had the fortunate opportunity to try out one of PBS kids latest apps: D.W.’s Unicorn Adventure.  For those of you not familiar with D.W., she is the little sister to the most famous aardvark I know Arthur. Developed especially for kids aged 4-6, Children must help D.W. save a unicorn by using the power of health food, more specifically Rainbow foods (vegetables of various colors like strawberries, plums, egg plant, peppers).  The … [Read more...]

(Video) Learn Chinese: Toy Story 3 App Review

Learn Chinese Toy Story

One of my strongest wishes as a parent is to have my sons learn a different language.  I am not saying Spanish (even though it is tough enough as it trying to teach it to Rock and X).  Ideally the language they would learn would be Chinese (more specifically Mandarin, not to be confused with Cantonese).  I can already see the currents changing from the traditional languages taught at school (French and Spanish) to more exotic languages, and at the forefront in Chinese.  I wish we could put in the effort that everyone else in China is putting toward learning English.  Right now, all state employees younger than 40 are required to know 1,000 English phrases and all children start learning English in kindergarten.  It is about time we start catching up! The thing is neither D nor I can speak the language.  So we are forced to use the other tools at our disposal. Fortunately, we had the opportunity to try out a new app from Disney, Learn Chinese: Toy Story 3.  This app basically reads … [Read more...]

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Movie Review

Mission Impossible DH

By Eddy Other than the straight to DVD title MI:GP fulfills all the promises of action that we expected from series.  Director Brad Bird had a lot to live up to after his hit The Incredibles.  As a fan of the Pixar film I was interested in finding out what he could do when constrained by this such as the law of gravity and physics.  Add in the drop in interest in the last two Mission Impossible films as well as Tom Cruise’s well known antics, this appeared to be the makings of a possible explosive combination and not in a good way.  The first and foremost thing about the movie is that it is all about ACTION, everything else is just a vehicle to move us to the next action sequence.  As far as plot goes, MI:GP fall behind the other movies.  I would not be surprised if they just adapted one of the episodes from the 1970’s show, the whole “save the world from a nuclear war with Russia” was played out in the 80’s, 90’s and 00’s and while I lived a part of my life during the Cold War and … [Read more...]

Dancing Hotdogs 2011 Holiday Guide

Holiday Glowberry bear

With Christmas almost upon us, the time to buy gifts is limited.  That is why gift guides are so important. While there are so many holiday guides out there but ONLY ONE Dancing Hotdogs guide.  What is special about our guide is these items are really in our house, we are gifting or on our list to Santa.   The household is made up of 11 month old son, 3 year old son, 29 year old parents and two pups but we tried to include a little bit of everything for you and your holiday shopping list. Disclosure: We received some items from companies as samples and they are noted with a *** but this entire guide is our unbiased recommendation to you. Toddlers: BrainyBaby’s Glowberry Bears ($24.99) we love these bears because they are huggable night lights. Perfect for 2 years and up.***   Sesame Street’s Let’s Rock Elmo ($69.99) our favorite little monster rocking out with a tambourine and drum set! Perfect for 18 months and up.***   LeapFrog LeapPad Explorer Learning … [Read more...]

Don’t Let the Pigeon Run this App! Review

Pigeon App DH

By Eddy Don’t let the Pigeon Run this App! Is a cute little story app for the Iphone and Ipad for children.  The story is aimed for kids ages 3-5 years old, and tells the story of a pigeon that wants to take over the world.   The story was written by Caldacott Honoree Mo Willems.   There are three modes designed for kids of different ages.  The first mode is a simple an animated retelling of the story for very young children.  The animation and story is very cute, it also adds some very simple interactive activities.  The second mode allows the child to customize the story based on various options, included is the ability for them to state their name and be named as one of the authors of the story.  The final mode is for the older children who are familiar with technology.  This mode acts almost like mad libs and removes the options in the second mode. The child is able to say anything they want to fill in the blanks of the story.  The Ipad then records the child’s answer and plays … [Read more...]

Handy Manny iphone App review


By Eddy So far the Handy Manny iphone app has been both a blessing and a curse.  Babyboy loves it, the five activities keeps him happy and busy to no end.  The only problem is that now that he has played it a couple of time, every time I pull out the iphone I get assailed with "Manny, Manny, I want to play Manny".  It is getting to the point that I can't check my emails in front of him. The app comes with 5 activities: 1) Color it- which allows the little one to color various Handy Manny drawings. Kids are also able to save their art work on the iphone for later use or display. 2) Find it- This game has the kids try to find all of Manny's tools in his work shop. This one is Babyboy's favorite game. I have played it a couple of time as well. … [Read more...]