Wisk Laundry Detergent Science Project 1: Protein Stains


By Divina As one of the Wisk Beta Bloggers I received a bottle of the new Wisk® with Stain SpectrumTM Technology and a science project kit so we could see for ourselves how effective the new formula was on protein stains like eggs, spinach, baby formula and grass.  Babyboy is an active little boy so I loved that I could entertain him with this fun science project on the Sunday afternoon of the long holiday weekend and do some of my blogger homework ; ). The kit included step by step instructions, pipette, plastic beaker, lab coat and goggles that at first he resisted to put on and then refused to take off.  Check out my handsome future scientist.  Step 1:  We wrote Babyboy's initials on the protein-stained swatch but my future scientist wanted more detergent to truly test the new technology. … [Read more...]