Rango: The XBOX 360 Video Game Review

Rango Video game

By Eddy Based on its namesake movie that is currently in Theaters, Rango brings the crazy and hilarious town of Dirt and its characters right to your door step.  As the chameleon Rango, sheriff of the town Dirt, players must shoot and jump their way through various ridiculous tall tales being recounted by Rango as he uncovers the mysteries and plots surrounding the town.  The great thing about the game is that it goes beyond the bounds of the movie and explores new environments and areas not seen in the movie. Mainly a platforming game, Rango must climb and fight his way out of various situations, from old style Wild West shootouts, to battles with aliens or being sucked into a video game Tron-style.  Breaking things up are various levels where Rango is either riding Roadrunners or traveling via bat to get around.  Other unique additions is the golden bullet sequences which puts you in control of one of Rango’s bullets as you guide them to their target, this may sound easy, but I … [Read more...]