SEGA: Captain America and Thor Video Games


By Eddy NY Comic Con has come and gone, and we are left to pick up all the pieces.   Yet I am pretty sure that the true effect of the "Con" won't be felt until closer to the holidays when all the video games, movies and books that were showcased finally hit the market. I am hoping to shed a bit of light on some of the many things that I had the chance to preview at the Javitz center. One of the more exclusive views I got was of the Captain America and Thor video games scheduled to arrive from SEGA .  First with Thor, while the game isn't totally finished certain lucky individuals were invited to view an exclusive screening of video from the game hosted by one of the game creators.  While there wasn't much of actual game footage we did get a number of small clips as well view concept art for the game.  From what I saw and heard the whole concept of the game was to let the player really feel as if they were the God of Thunder...yes I know we hear this with basically … [Read more...]

Comic Con 2009


My Thoughts On Comic Con by Eddy As a Newbie to Comic Con I was really excited to experience The Con first hand.  Now that I am back to my Fortress of Solitude it dawned on me that I am just glad I survived it (To think that it wasn't even the busiest day...that would be Saturday).  So here are a couple of my thoughts on The Con. *No Children allowed- not to say that children can't go to Comic Con, I am just saying that it extremely difficult.  There are so many people, and it goes without saying that many of these people are fanatical.  Luckily Divina is an expert baby wrangler because it could have been much worse.  Right before opening, there was a huge pushing crowded chomping at the bit to get at the exhibits (and the free stuff) and it wasn't like it was pizza faced teens dressed up as the Green Lantern or their World of Warcraft characters.  It was the grandma aged women who represented the greatest danger. They were pushing, pulling and yelling at security guards … [Read more...]