shespeaks and Tide Coldwater Challenge Review and Video #washcold

Shespeaks and Tide Coldwater Challenge

By Divina I was taught about the joys of laundry from mi Mama ; ) and one of those golden rules you just don’t break are washing white clothes in cold water. You just don’t do it! So when She Speaks and Tide provided me with the opportunity to try out a full sized bottle of the Tide Coldwater Liquid Laundry Detergent I was all over it! Check out my video: We use Tide all the time because with my two wild but lovable boys I am always doing laundry. And all those loads of laundry add up with lots of detergent and higher utility bills! We use Tide because it gets the job done and always has coupons to make it a great buy. With the new Coldwater formula I hope it will help us pay less a month and is better for the environment since we are using less energy. I will definitely be using the new Tide Coldwater detergent again! I love the clean smell and LOVED how it removed all the stains from my wild mens’ clothes. Got any plans for the Jan 19th? How about joining She … [Read more...]