The Alloy of Law Book Review

alloy of law DH

By Eddy For people just getting into fantasy books, it is pretty daunting choosing what books to read. If you go online, and search for top fantasy books you are inundated with hundreds of titles and series.   Of course, there are the old standards such as Tolkien and Jordan etcetera and frankly these are the best for a reason.  Yet, the real problem is finding the next great Fantasy writer. Determining this isn’t an easy task and to list out all the criteria would be impossible.  Yet, I would like to humbly submit the name of Brandon Sanderson as possible suitor for the title.  The corner stone for any contender has to be a great book series (notice that I didn’t say just one book, to be the best lightning has to strike more than once).  In Sanderson’s case, the Mistborn trilogy fits the bill.  As far as I am concerned it is his calling card, and for me the first series that I mention to anyone looking to expand beyond the old standby’s in fantasy. Recently Brandon Sanderson … [Read more...]