(Video) @EA Fall Media Event #gaming

Disclosure: I was invited as press to this Electronic Arts event. Life with boys including Eddy means that video games are a part of my daily life so when I was invited to a media EA media event I wanted to go to see what the hot new titles. I was not disappointed there is something new for everyone in the family. Minions Paradise (October 13, 2015) Summer may be over but for the Minions … [Read more...]

Gifting Games at GameStop

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by GameStop.  The opinions expressed in this post are my own. This might not be a super popular opinion with some parents but video games make great gifts. I know they can get a bit of bad wrap, but as pure gifts they don’t get any better especially for a dad. First of all they are small and square shaped, which means they are easy to wrap. For some reason … [Read more...]

(Video) 2014 Disney Infinity 2.0 Disney Originals Figures

Today was the release of the latest Disney Characters for the Disney Infinity video game.  This time instead of Marvel Super Heroes, Disney is introducing some of its Original characters. These include Merida from Brave, Stitch from Lilo and Stitch, Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Tinker Bell, Donald Duck, Aladdin and Princess Jasmine as well as Hiro and Baymax from Disney’s latest Film: Big Hero … [Read more...]

(Video) Stitch y Tinker Bell on Disney Infinity 2.0 Edition y En Español

Disclosure: Disney Infinity was one of the sponsors of Blogger Bash. Big news from Disney. Last night at Blogger Bash in NYC I got a chance to see the new figures of Disney and wanted to share. Fans asked for more Disney…and we heard you! Disney Interactive announced that Stitch and Tinker Bell will join Merida, Maleficent and all of the characters from Disney Infinity and Disney Infinity: … [Read more...]

(Video) Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment Fall 2013 Preview

Disclosure: I attended this Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment sponsored event but as always my post is my unbiased opinions. I just saw my first commercial for Christmas!...for Christmas! the holiday season seems like it is getting longer and longer.  Not that I blame anyone.  With the economy as well as the craziness that occurs as the holiday season approaches (ie. Black Friday etc.) It … [Read more...]

(Video) XBOX 360 Kinect Sesame Street TV & Nat Geo TV Event

On Tuesday, a “Sunny Day” in New York City, Rock, X and I headed to the Sesame Workshop to check out the new seasons of Kinect Sesame Street TV and Nat Geo TV. We have a lot of gaming systems in the Dancing Hotdogs household but the XBOX 360 with Kinect is by far my favorite. I love how there is no need for a controller and with the Kinect sensor you are always part of the gaming action … [Read more...]

For Dads: Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth Kinect Review

It has almost become cliché to say that serious games on the Kinect are far and few between.  It becomes even rarer to see a fighting game on any motion based game system be more than a boring exercise of flaying around and frustration.  While Marvel Avengers Battle for Earth isn’t perfect, it has been the most enjoyable and exciting game to recently come out on the Kinect. Developed by Ubisoft … [Read more...]

(Video) XBOX 360 Kinect Dance Central 3 Review

One of the most popular games in the history of the Kinect is back! Dance Central series has always held a special spot in the Dancing hotdogs household especially on holidays.  It has become a Christmas tradition for the entire family (Divina hosts over 10 people every year) to play Dance Central on Christmas morning.  My mom especially, is super enthusiastic about playing the game, as she like … [Read more...]

(Video) Kinect Sesame Street Review

  It seems like most video games even though they are for “kids” it seem the parents end up playing the game more than the children.  This is especially apparent when playing video games for small children.  Some of has to do with the fact that little kids sometimes want to watch what is happening on the screen without having to worry about playing the game.  Throw in the fact that the Kinect … [Read more...]

Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster Video Game Review

By Eddy Parents pull out those wallets.  If you have an Xbox 360 Kinect and little children you no doubt have a similar issue that I encounter often.  There aren’t very many games that are worth playing with your children on the Kinect.  Don’t get me wrong, good games for the Kinect do exist, it is just that they are far and few between.  The ultimate result is that the Xbox ends up being an … [Read more...]

PowerUp Heroes Video Game Review

By Eddy Exclusively for the Xbox Kinect, PowerUp Heroes takes the first step in giving players the feeling that they are a super hero.  Yet the elation of super powers is fleeting as the game runs into a number of barriers that make it a tougher sell for adults, more specifically, an extremely short single player campaign, repetitive game play and a lack of complexity.  Even with me saying … [Read more...]

NY Comic Con Thursday Rundown

By Eddy Just got back from NY Comic Con (NYCC) and boy are my legs killing me.  It is not a fun walk from Grand Central to the Javitz Center, everything looks so close from google maps on my iphone.  Though I can’t help but feel worse for some of the other people walking with me still in total costume.  In New York City you see all types of crazy stuff, but for some reason it doesn’t prepare … [Read more...]

What I want for Christmas…or more specifically, right now

...Rocksmith by Ubisoft. It combines two things I love (guitar and video games) and brings them together like my favorite ice cream Ben and Jerry's Half Baked. Yes I know that there have been other guitar + video games (Rock Band and Guitar Hero come to mind as well as all the other imitators). Yet Rocksmith give me the small glimmer of hope that it is more than a game, but actually something … [Read more...]

Sesame Street: Ready, Set, Grover! Wii Video Game Review and Giveaway

Update: this giveaway is closed, congrats to Becca! By Divina I love it when Sesame Street contacts the Dancing Hotdogs family for any kind of review because I KNOW it’s going to be an educational good time and Sesame Street and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment’s latest Nintendo Wii and DS game Sesame Street: Ready, Set Grover! Does not disappoint. I don’t know if you watch as much … [Read more...]

Kinect Your Fitness Evolved XBOX 360 Kinect Game Review

By Eddy One of the great things about the Kinect is the ability of free motion.  While some might find the thought of not having a controller to tether you to the TV, you have to admit when it come to doing exercise the ability to move fully is definitely appealing. We had the opportunity to try out Your Fitness Evolved by Ubisoft and we found it to be one of the most complete work out … [Read more...]